Terms and conditions

Lesson fees are payable in advance for the whole term, no later than five days before the start of the new term. I accept payment by bank transfer, cheque or cash. I reserve the right to refuse lessons which have not been paid for or for persistent late payment.

Lesson fees will not be refunded for illness, or missed, cancelled or forgotten lessons, and catch up lessons will not be offered, except in exceptional circumstances

If I have to cancel a lesson, I will endeavour to reschedule it. If I am unable to reschedule a lesson, I will offer a refund

Any increase in fees will be notified in writing during the term before the increase takes place

Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually at the time arranged. If you are late for a lesson, your lesson will not be extended into someone else’s lesson

Students must have access to a suitable instrument, which is properly maintained (i.e. tuned regularly) or a touch-sensitive electronic keyboard or digital piano with weighted keys, on which to practise


To bring the correct music and a practise notebook to each lesson; to respect my piano and piano room; to practise regularly as advised by me


To ensure practising is done regularly, and to positively encourage practising as advised by teacher; to respect my teaching methods and decisions regarding exam entry


To be purchased by the student/parent, as advised by teacher


I require one half term’s notice if a student wishes to leave my studio. If such notice is not given, an administration fee of £40 will be payable.