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  • Make friends with the music
    Too often it seems that we view learning, studying, practising and performing music as a kind of fight. People talk about "doing battle with Beethoven" or "fighting the fear" (of performing) as if one must take up arms against unseen, powerful forces. It's true that learning new repertoire can be a Herculean task, and practising … Read more
  • A welcome return to teaching
    I have always loved music and I adore the piano. Teaching allows me to share my passion and, I hope, to encourage a similar enthusiasm in my students. Fundamentally, the piano journey should be about enjoyment and self-fulfilment. Giving students permission to be less than perfect, liberating them from old-fashioned or limiting attitudes to learning … Read more
  • Piano Lessons in Portland, Dorset
    Frances Wilson LTCL is an experienced piano teacher offering private lessons for teenagers and adults in her home in Portland, Dorset.