‘March’ from The Seasons by Doug Thomas

Interesting things come from online connections – and this is one of the nicest (if rather energetic!) projects I’ve been involved in thanks to a Twitter/Facebook connection with composer Doug Thomas

Doug composed ‘March’ for me as part of his year-long composing project called The Seasons, a homage to Tchaikovsky’s suite of 12 piano pieces which bears the same name. Each month a new recording by a different pianist of a newly-written piece by Doug is released via his SoundCloud and social media. Other pianists participating in the project include Christina McMaster, Clio Em and Simeon Walker – all of whom have, coincidentally, appeared in my Meet the Artist series. This is a mark of the wonderful connectivity that social media affords us, and that those of us in the piano world have many overlapping networks and circles within circles.

It is very special to have a work composed especially for one and I felt a huge responsibility towards the composer and his music to interpret the work in a way which I hoped would fit with his original vision for the work, which conveys the excitement of nature bursting into life again after the winter chill.

Meet the Artist – Doug Thomas

Doug Thomas’s website

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