‘March’ from The Seasons by Doug Thomas

Interesting things come from online connections – and this is one of the nicest (if rather energetic!) projects I’ve been involved in thanks to a Twitter/Facebook connection with composer Doug Thomas Doug composed ‘March’ for me as part of his year-long composing project called The Seasons, a homage to Tchaikovsky’s suite of 12 piano piecesContinue reading “‘March’ from The Seasons by Doug Thomas”

Professionalism in Private Piano Teaching

A presentation for The Oxford Piano Group I was delighted to be invited to contribute to a very interesting and stimulating discussion on the subject of professionalism in piano teaching at the The Oxford Piano Group  on 29th October 2014. Other contributors to this important debate were Nigel Scaife (Syllabus Director, ABRSM), Lucinda Mackworth-Young andContinue reading “Professionalism in Private Piano Teaching”